Search and Rescue
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Training Debriefings Page

Sometimes detailed "debriefings" of our training events have been performed, and the results of those are posted here. We hoped to make this practice more widespread, and if it does you'll be seeing more here.


Land Nav training, 17 Jan 1999
Sound Attraction and Hasty Search Techniques training, 13 Nov 1999
Mock Search, Mission 00-00-11, 15 July 2000
Land Nav training and Mission 00-05-26, 16 Dec 2000
Litter handling, 10 March 2001
Mock Search, Mission 01-00-15, 15 September 2001
Litter training, 9 March 2003
Mock Search, Mission 03-00-02, 4 October 2003
Technical Rescue Equipment Orientation, 12 October 2008
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