Search and Rescue
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Cibola SAR is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. Our volunteer members provide their own basic personal equipment, but the team does require funds to continue operating effectively --- ropes and other rescue equipment are not cheap. The State of New Mexico does not fund search and rescue teams except to reimburse volunteers for the gasoline they use to drive to missions. Rescue teams are entirely funded by the generous donations they receive from various charitable campaigns and private individuals.

It is important to note that neither the State of New Mexico, the New Mexico State Police, professional fire and rescue squads that participate in missions, nor any of the volunteer rescue teams require or expect the subjects of these rescue missions to pay for their services. This is an entirely free service provided by volunteers for the public good. Individuals who choose to make donations to support this service are always welcome to do so, and their donations really do make a big difference to the quality of service these volunteers can provide.

If you were rescued in New Mexico

Please remember that nobody expects those who are rescued in this state to pay in any way. Search and Rescue is provided for free by volunteers who do these things solely for the good of others.

If you or someone you know were the subject of a recent mission and you wish to make a donation to those teams that helped the effort, please note that each mission is usually supported by multiple organizations, some of them less visible than others. While you are always able to make directed donations individually to those organizations who you know helped, the New Mexico Emergency Services Council (NMESC) will accept donations and redistribute equal portions of the donation to every organization that participated in that mission. Just send them a check and note the date and location of the mission (or the official state "mission number" if it was given to you). They will take care of figuring out which volunteer organizations participated, and will make sure that the money you send equally among all of those organizations who helped. The NMESC does not take a cut of the donation --- your entire donation is distributed to all participating organizations.

If you would like to participate in organized fundraising campaigns

If your employer participates in United Way or Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) programs, you can have all or part of your contribution directed to Cibola SAR. While Cibola SAR does receive money from these campaigns, we are not funded by their general funds; we only receive money from those organizations that is specifically directed to us by the donor. If you want to exercise this option you have to specifically request that your contribution be directed to us. Consult your employer's United Way or CFC representative for details on getting that done. Many other organized fund raising campaigns have options like this, and you should consult a representative of those campaigns if you are interested in the directed donation option.

Donating directly to Cibola SAR

If you would simply like to make a donation directly to Cibola SAR, you can send a check to our post office box:

  Cibola Search and Rescue
  Post Office Box 11756
  Albuquerque, NM 87192
  ATTN: Treasurer

For Amazon users, please consider subscribing to Amazon Smile. A percentage of all purchases will be donated to Cibola SAR. Just click the button below.

Cibola Search & Rescue

Cibola Search and Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and donations made to us might be tax-deductable: consult your tax preparer if this is an important consideration for you.

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