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GPS Study

In 1997, when GPS units were starting to become inexpensive enough to be "must-have" items for SAR volunteers, members of Cibola SAR obtained a sample of what were then current GPS offerings and did a study of how they performed. At the time, it was helpful in deciding which units were worth the fairly high cost.

Since then, of course, all the units that were reviewed are obsolete or have otherwise been nudged out of the running by more capable and less expensive models. So this study is just a bit of Cibola history we keep around for nostalgia, and perhaps as inspiration to perform similar equipment reviews in the future.

The GPS study contained here is so outdated that we are no longer maintaining the HTML version. If you are still interested, you can download the PDF version.

PDF - You need to have Acrobat Reader from Adobe installed as a helper application on your browser in order to view this format.

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